We are so excited to tell you about our new game!

You play it before you get to camp. Then, on check-in day, all the points you’ve collected will be added to the points of your cabin mates. The campers in the winning cabin, the cabin with the most Campetition points, will all be awarded prestigious VIC (Very Important Camper) status.

In addition, all the points you earn will count in the Color Wars team event. And we all know how points matter in Color Wars!

What's this VIC Status all about?

It means you’re pretty darn special. For one, no plain old camper ID for you. You, and every camper in the winning cabin, will get a personalized photo ID badge that you get to wear all week and keep as a souvenir. Plus, this badge will secure for you and the other lucky VICs exclusive admission to the gala party area that will be poolside on Thursday. There, while the rest of camp hungrily looks on, you VICs will be served delicious ice cream, soda, and other yummy special treats by the CITs.

You don’t want to miss out on this!!

So, campers, you better get started! Check out the Game Rules (at right), start your team, and begin collecting those points!

Be a Setebaid Campetitor! 
Become a VIC!
Help your cabin and Color Wars team win!


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